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    Down East Yacht Delivery Services consist of:

  • Delivery of your yacht anywhere

  • Private Seamanship Instruction for going to sea (planning, weather, boat handling, safety, docking, etc.)

  • Private Cruising Preparation Instruction in all aspects (boat selection, financing, what to expect, spouse training)

  • Combination of Delivery, Coaching and Training with You ABOARD YOUR YACHT

    We have helped Clients in several categories:

  1. Yacht owners wanting rapid, safe, reliable delivery of their vessel from A to B: Electing to have us delivery your vessel to your desired location with an experienced captain and crew aboard is what we do and do well.

  2. New boat owners wanting to cruise but not having experience: Planning a lifestyle change? Want to buy a boat and cruise but not having the necessary experience? We will work with you to coach and educate you on all aspects of boat selection, financing, what to expect, spouse training, etc.

  3. Experienced Boat owners wishing to gain additional knowledge: We will tailor an educational program to your needs - it may include voyage planning, weather, boat handling, safety, docking, diesel maintenance, computer aids, communications, seamanship or any other aspect of going to sea and returning safely.

  4. Spouses wishing to gain knowledge and know what to do if the captain is suddenly incapacitated: This can be a frightening situation which can be greatly alleviated by appropriate coaching and training. Much can be done to learn how to handle emergencies by practicing their occurrence prior to them actually happening. This can help eliminate the "denial" phase which can delay critical decisions and safety steps.

  5. Couples wishing to learn more about cruising and what to expect: We have helped many couples acquire sufficient knowledge and reduce their fears of going to sea and safely handling the boat under normal and emergency conditions. We have helped couples who otherwise would have decided to go their separate ways because of lack of patience, understanding and appropriate training and knowledge.

  6. For a recent example of an educational program done while at sea, please read our article entitled "Superior Odyssey" (click here).

  7. Please download our brochure by using a 'right' mouse click here and then 'Save Target As'.

    Boat Handling and Safety Instruction On Your Boat:

  • You can learn: 1) the hard way with no training; 2) a training class with 15 students; 3) on board with 10-12 students; or 4) thru a tailored program for you on your boat.

  • Our trainers are Captains who know how to do it, but also understand how to teach someone else to do it!

  • Down East Yacht Delivery will travel to you and provide you a personalized private instruction program aboard your boat in your location!

Give us a call today (207) 318-6390 and let's discuss a tailored instruction program for you on your special vessel.